Barefoot Bowls Times and Information

Barefoot Bowls Barefoot Bowls is open to all ages. It provides a great alternative for birthday parties, staff functions or any family get together. What is it? It’s a great way to find out how to play our favourite sport! Although there are times when being barefoot can be a liability (when walking on sharp rocks, or walking on hot coals), taking your shoes off can be the greatest feeling. So have some fun with barefoot bowls. Its lawn bowls gone casual. You don’t need any experience, and its great fun. It gives you the chance to try your skill at the game of lawn bowls, whilst enjoying a fun outing. What do you need? - All you need is your bare feet (socks or flat soled shoes are ok too)! - The Club supplies you with bowls, jack, mat, and free coaching. - Casual dress. - A sense of fun and adventure and an ability to enjoy yourself. What else do you need to know? - The dress code is relaxed - so is the atmosphere. - You don’t have to know how to bowl - friendly experts will be there to guide you. - Afterwards, sit back to enjoy a bite to eat, a drink and a chat. Bowling tips for beginners. - The larger ball is a bowl. - The small white or yellow ball is the jack or kitty. - The club supplies these for casual players. - The aim of the game is to get your bowl as close to the jack as possible. - The Bowls don’t roll in a straight line, but in a curve. - The bowl has icons on each side. Keep the small icon on the inside of your delivery. - You stand on a mat (supplied by the club) and bowl from alternate ends. - The green consists of a number of rinks. You play on a rink. 

Just contact the club either by phone or by email, via our “contact us” page, and we will arrange a suitable time and date with you.